Thursday, December 18, 2008

This and That

It is 6:20 am and I'm waiting to leave for the personal trainer at 7 this morning. I have been sick and not working out since last Thursday. I just needed a break to get over this stupid head cold that seems better except for my stupid ears, but they are better too. The Hubby has just headed out for his workout and now it is quiet so that my thoughts can spill out through my fingers here.

I just received another email from the niece in preparation for Christmas eve for The Hubby's side of the family. A couple of days ago there was a flurry of emails from the SIL and my Sis on my side of the family for Christmas day. Whew, trying to get it all together and make it work is, well, work. It starts really getting tough when the children grow up, get married and then you have to contend with more family. Then they start having their children and they want to make their own kind of Christmas traditions and memories for their own children. You have to give up what you have known and expected of your customs and traditions to make way for the others to make their own. Our oldest is now married and I know that she and and her guy, B2 will need to go to his family. Next year the youngest, in California will probably not be home for Christmas and that is okay. I know how it is. My side of the family has had a tradition for Christmas eve since I was a child but I don't participate with it anymore (can't really stand some of the cousins), instead I opted to be a part of The Hubby's family Christmas eve scene which has evolved over the years. It is just part of life.

Last night The Hubby and I went to our banks Holiday party for about 700! Yikes, so many people. It was fun to schmooze with "people". I had a couple of watered down drinks and was supposed to drive to a girls party (old Jazzercise people) but opted to go home and let a little of the buzz of the drinks (and I mean just a little) make me comfy in front of the TV. I just didn't want to drive 20 minutes for a girls night. The Hubby had a group dance lesson in which the daughter, B likes to go with him. Totally fine with me. He tried to get me to go, but NO WAY! Tonight we go to yet another Christmas party at Sin & Bare's, that should be a real drinking bash (oh my). I have to go easy though because we are not at the lake where we can hop on a golf cart and drive home and besides, tomorrow I have to do payroll with Christmas bonuses. Have to have my thinking head to calculate stuff. Saturday is B's graduation party here with about 50 people in attendance. I forgot to get wine and pop so that is my mission today, after workout. The food is taken care of by her friend who is a caterer. He does sushi! YIPPEE! We will have other food but it will be a real fun different kind of party. Then on Sunday we can relax and enjoy having A home as she will arrive that evening.

Just lots and lots of stuff to do. Oh and I forgot we have to have 3 ornaments for the Christmas eve family gift exchange so it is back to the store for more of those or just take some off of my very crowded tree!

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