Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas

to all.

This will be a quick post. Our Christmas "week" has been filled with lots of parties and just go, go, go. I had to work at the office yesterday as the girls were volunteering. Every year for about 6 years or so they have volunteered wrapping presents at Borders for Street Cats (a no kill shelter for cats). I love that they do this together.
The day before we had lunch with one of A's dearest friends and her mother, my new and dear friend and B too. It was a nice lunch and something I think we will make a tradition, hopefully.

The eve of Christmas eve we spent the evening at the MIL's and had a wonderful dinner at her retirement community. She reserved a private room and we filled the table to the max. When we had finished a wonderful dinner we retired to her apartment and then being the hostess with the mostess she set out a punch bowl with cookies and chocolate candy. WOW! She just couldn't help herself. She loves to entertain and does it well. The Christmas eve bash used to be at her house and everybody used to drop in to partake of the party of the year. Now she is relegated to a punch bowl and plate of cookies. I think she is sad about that. Anyway it was a nice evening and we got to see one of the great nieces open her little gifts. She is just a precious little thing. She got a stroller with a baby and we gave her a Tinkerbell doll because that is what her father calls her.

Last night we spent at the nephews for Christmas Eve and the great nephew. Christmas is definitely for the children. He was so very excited and tore into packages just to get the paper off, not caring what was inside. It was a quiet evening as most of the family was home sick. This season for head colds has taken its toll this year. I'm still fighting the effects of the one I had 3 weeks ago.

Today we go to my Sis and celebrate with my family. B&B2 went to his family but will be back to join us in a "new" tradition of brunch.

Oops...better get in the shower and get the egg casseroles in the oven.


Kay said...

How wonderful that you're having such a fun Christmas with loved ones of all ages. It's special for everybody. Your little niece is just adorable. What a beautiful little girl. Merry Christmas and a terrific new year, Jill!

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

A belated Merry Christmas to you, Jill. Thank you for visiting my blog.Sounds like your Christmas was a good one. xxx