Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yeah, um, I thought I would have fruitcake pictures and interesting stuff with this entry but as I have yet to move off my comfy chair to begin the process of baking my famous fruitcake, words will be all you get this morning. Tomorrow, or even later I will have some pics and more info on my day of baking. I have taken the day off and plan on firing up the two ovens I have and "git-er-done".

I haven't worked out all week and that is making me a little crazy. You know after over 10 years of making a habit, of getting up at 5 every morning and hitting the Jazzercise floor, I can say that can break a habit in a matter of days. I think that the time of year plays a huge role in how I'm feeling about this though. I HATE the winter. I HATE the cold. I HATE the look of the trees and the sky. I sit her in my chair pecking away at these keys and occasionally look out my window at the sticks in the gray sky and it saddens me. The only thing that keeps me going is that on the 22 or 23 of this month is the Winter Solstice and that means the days will begin to start getting longer and spring will be just around the corner. But that also means that we still have to contend with January and February. Oh my goodness I hate the drabness of the winter days and the gray that surrounds us now.

OOPS....the phone is ringing...should I answer might be The Hubby and he has a way of messing up my day................I was right! It was "HIM" and yes indeed my day has been cut short. It is good, in a way but DAMMIT! Our architect is going to be here at the house with interior plans for our master bathroom remodel/add-on at 2 pm. That means I have to get cracking on the fruitcake and then have a shower and get dolled up as we have a function at our bank at 5 tonight. Well, I gotta roll....Toodles...


Kay said...

You have such an amazing life, Jill. My husband loves fruitcake. Someday, I should get a recipe and try it. :-)

Kelly said...

So exciting about the remodel. What are you doing? Bigger, different? Same architect that did the rest of the house. If so I know it will be beautiful!