Monday, August 27, 2007

The Weekend

The weekend was full of laughs and fun at the cabin. We had several neighbors over Friday night for an impromptu dinner of ribs and fried okra. I drank an entire bottle of wine by myself but it was over a 5 hour period so I felt no pain. It was quite yummy. The evening was a bit marred by one of the guests, Ms.L who seems to ALWAYS have too much wine and ends up crumpled down in a chair in a drunken sleep. She drank a lot of wine and then proceeded to steal a persons martini's that was seated next to her an finish 3 of them on top of the wine. This is not an unusual happening and seems to happen every weekend. Ms.L is usually so bad that she has to be escorted home by two gentlemen, most of the time NOT her husband. Luckily for us he didn't have time to sneak out before we suggested that he take her home. He is avoiding the problem, his and hers about the drinking and leaving it to others. Now there is talk with her friends about an intervention but I do not want to be a part of that. Our little "resort" area is very small and I'm not sure that would work for us up there. Ms.L lives there full time with her husband and her parents also have a cabin and lives there full time. It is a very sticky situation but it is really getting out of hand. Apparently there is also problem in the bedroom as Ms.L let us girls know that it was NOT happening in the bedroom for them. Which explains the talk about her at the 4th of July party where she was grinding around on another woman's husband (the other woman was not there), AND Ms.L doesn't care about which sex the person is. A few weeks ago I was in the kitchen at the sink hulling strawberries while another of our friends was helping me. Well, Ms.L came behind me and starting smooching my neck and grinding me from the backside.!!!!!!!YIKES!!!!! My eyes were bugging out of their eye sockets as I looked at the other friend and she was gasping. Ms.L then went to the living room and I just was in shock. Later that evening she grabbed me and started slow dancing and trying to do the grind. This is really a problem and if her husband doesn't start taking care of it I guess we girls will have too. Wow...

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