Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hosting the Fam

We're getting ready to have the family over for a party/dinner for #2 daughter on her visit home. That means The Hubby's and my side of the family so 19 in total (actually should be 22 but the others couldn't make it). I talked The Hubby into cooking his award winning smoked ribs and one chicken for the occasion. I made that Fresh Corn Salad again - YUM and will heat up some green beans. I just told everyone to bring something that would go with ribs and chicken and we'll see what they come up with. I just get tired of doing the email thing back and forth of what everyone is bringing and coordinating and stuff. Usually if you set the meat and say potluck with the rest it can be very interesting. Of course The Mother-In-Law is bringing a birthday cake 'cause The Hubby will be 52 on the 23rd so she has to have a birthday cake for the occasion. That is fine and lets me know the dessert is taken care of.

It has been nice having #2 home this week. She leaves I think Tuesday. Yesterday she and I went to her friends wedding, the reason for her visit. The downside of this little excursion home was that she was going to have to deal with her former roommate and high school friend. Both girls can be very stubborn but the roommate is a little wacky. #2 came home from work one day and there in the apartment were 7 guys (one the roommates boyfriend) to stay for a week. Some of them were also former high school friends. #2 was absolutely furious. Another day after work #2 opened the door of the apartment and there was a new puppy that had christened the place royally. The friend just had no respect for the feelings of #2, she only thought about what she wanted. So the girls lost any deposit they had especially since the friend didn't pay a pet deposit. It was a huge mess and the roommate moved out one month before the lease was up (her name was on it too). The utilities were in her name and she threatened to shut them off. That meant #2 would have had to have them turned on for one month and possibly pay deposits again...yuck. They made a compromise but the electric has got to be paid back to the roommate and she is not talking to #2 to settle the amount, until yesterday at the wedding. They talked amicably and hopefully their friendship is not totally ruined. I love this "little" girl and when she was leaving she came over and hugged me and told me she missed me and started crying which started me crying and then another mother of one of the other friends started crying and it just snowballed from there. I hope it all works out for them eventually. Living together can sure mess up a friendship, it's hard enough on husbands and wives and kiddos.

One thing I had forgotten about #2 being around is the non-stop talking. Her father and I took her out to the new restaurant downtown called El Guapos (we wired it) and her chatter about her life in LA was absolutely NON-STOP. We finished out meal and she hadn't even started eating hers. It is amazing how she can go on and on and on and on and on.....I love her!

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