Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Most Tragic Event

I was sent an email last night informing me of a terrible tragic event. An old, old friend of mine lost her niece in a terrible car accident this past weekend as she was apartment hunting in Dallas beginning her new life. The young girl was only 26 years old and was starting out the most promising part of her journey in this world. She had achieved her graduate degree in Printmaking and was to start her internship at the Dallas Museum of Art. She had just returned from a trip to Africa working with Masai children at a boarding school. She was very gifted in art but also in her love and love of teaching children. The even more terrible tragedy was that Sarah was the only niece, child and grandchild of her family. How absolutely devastating for this family I know so well. I cannot imagine the loss they are feeling at this time. It is truly unimaginable the pain they must be going through.

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