Thursday, May 17, 2007


This week has been filled with rush, rush, rush as The Hubby and I gear up for the 10th Annual Flashlight Collectors Show that we are hosting. We put on the first one on 10 years ago and The Hubby is all excited and rush, rush, rush. Of course when he said we would put the thing on it really meant I would be doing the work. Actually, it's not been too bad. He was responsible for getting the hotel set up but I've been working on the mailings, name tags, food for the hospitality and handling the money. This also means another weekend not laying in my hammock at the cabin and that is a lot for me to give up. So this weekend it's flashlights galore.

Also, the oldest daughter called and informed me that she and her live-in love will be coming up to the cabin Memorial Day weekend. Mind you we didn't invite her up but that is OK, I don't mind (sort of). This would not be a problem but I put my foot in my mouth and said, "No one else has been invited have they." She got hopping mad. I wouldn't have made an issue of this but she is notorious for inviting her "friends" and there a lot of them and I end up cooking for all of them or they're around in my living room, my bathroom, MY HAMMOCK! I've gotten a little...a lot territorial about our little weekend away place and for goodnes sake it is ours not hers and we want to invite who we want to invite. She went off on me about her friends, when they do come to the cabin they camp out by the creek and they bring money to pay for the food. She doesn't understand that they are underfoot and I have to cook for them and clean up and buy the food and prepare and, and, and, and, and...Makes me a little crazy and she just doesn't get it. I like to do those things for the people I want to have up there not her old college friends and their girl/boy-friends. that I've ranted about this I'll quit and take a breath and continue typing name tags.....tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap

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