Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our 25th Anniversary

(I am listening to Chris Botti while I'm relating this story)

I was going back a re-reading previous posts and realized I promised to write about our 25th anniversary. (We've been married 31 years now.):

Our anniversary falls January 25 so for over two months The Hubby had been telling me to "Be Brave and Wear Pants." This scared me and my my mind went to the worst scenario. I just knew he was renting a hot air balloon. (I'm terrified of heights). The day came, a Saturday, and our youngest daughter and I were at a small classical concert at the Performing Arts Center during the afternoon. We arrived home to see The Hubby sitting in the kitchen in a suit and our oldest daughter B, home from college at the time, standing in her robe. The very first thing I noticed in the dimly lit kitchen was The Hubby's wedding ring which he had not worn for several years. He doesn't wear it for safety reasons at work and then he just couldn't get it on. I walked up to him and noticed a white limo pull up outside. It was not your ordinary limo, but one of those "truck" limo's. We went out and the girls took our picture and then I realized the meaning of "wear pants" for I had to hike myself up into the darn thing. Then it was on to the restaurant and on the way The Hubby presented me with my old "Add-A-Pearl" necklace that had only 13 pearls on. There were now 25 pearls.

We then drove to the restaurant, one which I had never eaten at before, The French Hen and had a fabulous dinner, although I can't even remember what we ate exactly right now. The thing I noticed most was The Hubby's constant preoccupation with his watch. He even left the table several times and I knew he was on the phone. After dinner The Hubby suggested we drive to our first apartment and have a kiss by the front door. We lived in this apartment for exactly one year and it was the best year. We loved the apartment and the area. I said sure. We drank champagne on the way there and then he presented me with another pearl necklace, a full one. The first one he explained was hard to do because the pearls were such an odd hue that there were hard to match so I got two pearl necklaces.

We pulled up in front of the apartment building and it looked so sweet. It only had 6 apartments in it and we had #1. We went into the little alcove and with my back to the door he leaned and kissed me. Then as he pulled back he said, "I wonder if anyone's home," and before I could stop him he proceeded to knock on the door. I was paniced. All of a sudden a violin began to play and the door was opened by our daughters. I was in shock. There inside the candlelit apartment were our beautiful girls, the violinist, my best friend C and her husband H and our minister David. The mantle was covered with candles and in the middle was a beautiful canary. I had mentioned that I wanted one and it was mine. I walked into the familar room with a huge smile on my face and tears. It was so very beautiful.

After the initial shock had somewhat worn off The Hubby turned to me and asked me to marry him again. I of course said yes and then David began. What was really neat was that my wedding ring is the second one. I had totally worn the first one in two and had it made into a necklace and we purchased a new one. We were able to use the new rings which made them special and not just something you go to the jewelry store, buy and put on. The Hubby and I renewed our vows in front of our girls and C and H. After the vows the violinist played and The Hubby and I danced while they all looked on. Wow, I was totally speechless, my face hurt from smiling.

We finally gathered ourselves up and headed back to the house. The girls rode in our limo with us and shared champagne while C&H drove the girls car back. When we arrived home the house was full of friends and family and there was a cake and refreshments that The Hubby had put together. Greeting everyone and visiting and sharing cake like newlyweds the evening was a huge success but The Hubby was not finished. We all gathered in the den around the VCR and The Hubby started a tape that was full of 25 years of pictures and music and then at the end The Hubby came on the screen and said some wonderful words directed at our guests, family, the girls and then to me. There was not a dry eye in the house.

Setting up this elaborate event The Hubby made contact with the guy that was living in our old apartment months in advance and as luck would have it the place was freshly painted white and the kid had sparse furniture. He had no living room furniture so it was easy to have the ceremony and dance. The Hubby and the oldest daughter, B went over earlier in the day and put dimmer switches in so we could dim the lights for the event. The kid didn't want anything for the trouble but we left him him champagne and money for his kindness. The be brave part of this thing is obvious isn't it?

So for everyone reading this, YES, I have the most romantic, caring, tender husband. He is quite wonderful even though I may grumble a little sometimes, that just comes with being married.

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