Monday, March 26, 2007

A Job that had to be done.

This past weekend my brother, sister and I, along with the watchful eye of our father cleaned out Momma's closet and some of the kitchen stuff. Daddy had been asking for awhile for us to help him clean out the stuff. It really wasn't very hard like I thought it would be. If we had done it like Daddy wanted to, this fall I think we would have a problem. Her clothes, her shoes, her coats, her nightgowns, all went into several black plastic bags. Sad. We then went into the kitchen and above the stove there are cabinets that held Momma and Daddy's first set of everyday dishes and some collectible Niloak pottery that was my great grandmother's. There were other little pieces and we all divied it up nicely. My oldest daughter, B got the everyday dishes and she loves them. I got the Niloak pottery as were Momma's wishes. Luckily my siblings and I work very well over this kind of stuff, and if my brother asks I will give him anything he might ask for, maybe. Now, with the sister I may rethink that as she is not as careful with stuff.

So this weekend we did a job that had to be done but we're not even finished yet. Daddy really wants us to come and clean nearly every closet and cabinet. This means I will have to make a lot more room for some cookbooks and crystal. I think it helps Daddy to have the stuff not around because it makes him sad to be in the house all the time with it and besides I think he is trying to really move on. He's seriously talking about dating and is looking forward to it if he can find someone to go out with....YIKES...not so sure I'M ready for that but it is his life.

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