Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Me Tarzan You Jane

As I have written before I am very happily married to The Hubby and have been for 31 years now but sometimes he can be a chauvinist. He is absolutely wonderful to have around the house and is a much better "housewife" than I could ever be. He does his own laundry, his own ironing and fixes his own breakfast. He will even load and unload the dishwasher and even washes by hand. The Hubby is fabulous at home but last night The Chauvinist or Tarzan Hubby reared its ugly head.

Here is the story:

He bought himself a new Avalanche truck a couple of weeks ago and now it is my turn. I have wanted a little sporty car, a red convertible sporty car for many years and thought I found what I wanted. Let me back up a little. This past weekend my little sister D went out with her two kiddos and bought herself a new Jeep and this was without the help of her husband.

Last night The Hubby and I were talking about it and Tarzan said, "Did she pay sticker."

Jane's response, "I have no idea."

Tarzan's response, "I can't believe W (her hubby) would let her do that." mouth hung open. I was dumbfounded by his remark. Jane said, "Excuse me!" pause, "Excuse me!"

I was livid at him. I told him that she had every right to pick out her own car (even though she can't afford it) and that is was the third car she had personally bought. I told him that I was not allowed to do that and that I apparantly wasn't allowed to have what I wanted either because I'm not smart enough to know what I want, only The Hubby seems to know what I want.

Man, was I hot. I went into a tirade about having things picked out for me, especially cars. My first car my grandfather picked out (actually it was a kid car for all three of us). My second car my grandfather picked out for me. All of the other cars we have owned I have not been given a chance to shop around for what I want. Our first married car he brought home. The second one, a Jeep, he brought home. The third one, I got to actually test drive, after he had already picked out the one he thought we should have, a 1996 Impala SS (very cool car). The fourth car I was again taken to the dealership and was allowed to test drive this one, "Hey she likes it we'll take it. " Now, here we are at the threshold of the purchase of another car for ME and I'm not allowed to even get what I want.

The Hubby says that I won't be happy with a convertible because the tops wear out. He says they are loud and the tops don't last. The one I want is a hardtop. The last time The Hubby was in a convertible was over 30 years ago and so his basis for his knowledge is 30 years old. Now I'm afraid I'm going to pick out the wrong car because he has been such a know-it-all. I told him that I wasn't even allowed to pick out and purchase my own car. He said if I wanted to pick out my own car I could, just don't pay sticker and don't this and don't that...that's part of the point. I am a 50 year old woman and he doesn't give me credit for having a head on my shoulders. He thinks I'll see a pretty red car and be easily swayed.

Other instances of The Hubby picking out stuff:
- Came home to new washer and dryer and another time a new stove and dishwasher
- Our lake place: I went to the dentist for an hour and came back to the office and because of a glitch in the countertops he had already made decision to have butcher block countertops made and they were already done and he was going to pick them up and have them installed (The problem was that I HATE butcher block but guess what that is what is on my countertops at the cabin.)

ARGGGGGGGG!!!!!! I'm frustrated by this Chauvinist/Tarzan thing he has going on and I have allowed it to develop. Again, he is a really great guy but I sometimes feel like I'm drowning in this partnership of a marriage. It all goes along with us working together too. He is definetly an alpha male and since he is The boss it is very hard for him to let others take the lead, especially me.

I guess I feel better. We'll see how this car thing goes. I really have no idea if I'm going to get my little red convertible or an old lady car......
I guess I sound ungrateful for The Hubby. He has been instrumental in helping me attain my fact I'm pretty much living a dream with what I had when I grew up...I sound spoiled...maybe I am but he made me that way...haha

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Kelly said...

I'm the car negotiator in our family. And I'm much better at it...

Of course, Big D thinks it's