Thursday, July 23, 2020


Good morning and another day has passed still hunkering down with the virus holding a gigantic umbrella over the world.  Life must go on with a few smiles and laughter though and I choose to do it with granddbaby smiles and hugs.  I've had Snicklefritz yet again this week and we've spent a lot of time playing Uno and Connect 4 together.  I did stop by and see this little dumpling and get a few giggles out of her.
I tell you grandbabies are the best thing EVER!
Sitting with Snicklefritz while she ate her breakfast yesterday I decided to do a bit of sketching.  I've painted and drawn her picture many times but haven't done MinMin yet.  Her momma sent this pic and I thought it would be so cute to sketch and maybe watercolor it later.

I've had a bit of disturbing news and will share here.  I'm getting ready to go down a path I vowed NEVER, EVER to go down but I really have no choice in the matter at this point.

I've been having issues for quite some time with my hip/leg/groin area and prayed, PRAYED it would not mean what I thought it might mean.  Tuesday I went to my sports medicine orthopedic doctor that I saw for my shoulder a year ago and they did tons of x-ray's.  Well, my path is now clear according to the x-ray's, I need a hip replacement.  Damn, Damn, DAMMIT!  After Daddy's fiasco with his I just did not want to go down this road.  Now I have to find a surgeon and see what my options are, what it all entails, how long will I be laid up, etc... you know the drill.  I always said that I would be crawling before I would do this and frankly, I'm nearly crawling.  Plus the doctor told me to not wait to long because if I wait too long I risk the whole thing collapsing!  WTF!  Well, crap.  Her parting words were, "Be Careful!"  CRAP!  I've put the word out for doctor names, specifically robotic procedure doctors because I want the less invasive I can get.  

My worries at this point are work and the studio.  I'm the only one who does payroll and all of the accounting and will have to work it so I can manage being out of the office for that time.  Heck, if I can do the 6 week recovery for the hysterectomy I can do this I think and it's my left leg so driving will be sooner than later, I hope.  


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