Sunday, April 07, 2019

Week Wrap Up

Here I am again, yet a week later.  Life has been busy, busy, busy...
Between work, painting, high school reunion stuff, Daddy stuff, work, work, work...It's been hard to slow down to enjoy some beauty.  Easter cactus starting blooming and the funny thing is the first bloom was RED, then these white ones.  It has never done that. 
Then leaving workout on Monday while the sun was barely rising I saw the flowerbed and just had to snap a photo.  Just beautiful...maybe a painting...

Now for a bit of nostalgia.  The Hubby, or maybe Bri found this photo in a pile.  Wow oh wow, look at those YOUNG people.  Hard to believe, and SKINNY!  Those were the days.

I was back from LA for a week then it was travel time again to Rogers, Arkansas for a workshop with the fantastic Lori Putnum.  What a generous, gracious and genuine artist and person.  Some workshops can be a bit of a let down and you don't learn a thing but this one was awesome.  I am also a better student which helps.  I don't get so frustrated and put up a block anymore.  I struggle with letting my guard down to let the teaching come into my brain.  Learned a lot this week and I am pooped, a good pooped!

Plus we got to meet so many wonderful artist and made new friends across the United States. 

She taught us to use only four colors, ultramarine blue, titanium white, napthol red and cadmium yellow light.  Amazing the colors were able to make and use.
THIS little lovely now resides in my home!  I love it when I get to buy art from "FAMOUS" artists.   

Then it was our turn to create.  
I'm very please with my painting but will tweek it a bit in the studio. 

The last day was self portraits.  Woo boy.  No really it's fun and every artist needs to be challenged to do it.   
I struggle with get colors right in portraits.  Actually, this one got scraped off but I will try it again.

I have to because next month Linda and I travel yet again to Rogers for another workshop with PORTRAIT artist, Tim Tyler.  We hear he is awesome as an instructor.  Can't wait.

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