Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Green Stuff

I promise that I'm still around here, just so busy lately.  The crochet closet has been calling my name so I dug out my many, MANY partial balls of yarn and found some baby patterns to make things for new baby granddaughter arriving in September.  This is what I do in the evenings as the television is on.

We still are skipping off to the cabin on the weekends, a bit sporadically.  This past weekend was just beautiful, partly.  Saturday started off with such cloudy skies that I could not get out of bed.  I was chilled and depressed so I stayed under the covers with an electric blanket on.  Soon the sun began to gain a foothold and the temps to rise.  Friends were headed to the creek to sun a bit (not necessarily me) but I went to join.

Oh my the green, green, GREEN of northeast Oklahoma is stunning and the reason it is called Green Country! 

Honestly, THIS is the type of green I'm in love with, NOT what is popping up all over town with the green cross shapes over the new CBD/medical marijuana stores on nearly every single corner.  Can you tell I'm not on board with this.  MY OPINION... is that they have the horse before the cart and the growing pains will be evident soon.  Truly there has not been enough FEDERALLY, LEGAL studies on the stuff, because it is ILLEGAL!  I am a product of the 70's where it was ALL bad stuff, illegal and not in my world.  I watched Dragnet with all the bad connotations of drugs.  I read Go Ask Alice and it made a huge impact on my choice to  CHOOSE NOT to do drugs of any kind.  Hell, I barely drink anything, that is a drug too.  I just don't know if I can get over my beliefs and get on the bandwagon.  I know that the CBD stuff has had some good things for kids with seizures and I'm okay with that but lets do our homework correctly, get it legalized for medical applications.  THIS IS ALL MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION don't give me grief please.

The inspiration for my latest painting:

11x14 oil linen 

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