Saturday, June 30, 2018

Where In The World Has She Been

I bet you are asking "Where in the World Has She Been!" 

I've been here...lounging in my backyard, briefly, before all that is summer started happening.
A short trip to OKC for The Hubby's cousin's 50th wedding anniversary and then back again for the day to visit the Prix de West art show at the Cowboy Hall of Fame with Linda.  OH MY GOODNESS!  I had never been and the art was amazing.  Next year for sure.   

I also spent a week with Snicklefritz as my sidekick while her mother taught a sewing summer class at Philbrook Museum for older kiddos.   

More downtime at the cabin but not much as I've just been too busy to get there as of late. 
National Selfie Day...I think I look angry... 

A painting for a friend.  (I misspelled the name but it's fixed now)  Marlie! 

I've also had somewhat of a revelation on my art.  Although I enjoy painting dogs, still life and attempting some portraits I'm going to focus on the floral aspect of my art, my first love.  I'm also going to learn more about doing the watercolor thing.  It's fun to do to take a break from the oils, and the flowers make me happy. 

Spent time with friends for birthdays and just because... 

And last night The Hubby and I tried out a brand spanking new restaurant called Boston Abstract (or maybe Boston Title and Abstract).  Anyway, they don't have a website yet and it's one of those you have to find through an alley.  Trust me we were walking around blocks and finally into a building and through the building and down many stairs (there is an elevator somewhere) and we made it to the basement for a lovely dinner.  I ordered bourguignon expecting beef (there were no explanations on the menu) but got pork tenderloin.  It was tasty but I'm not a fan of pork per se.  We will try it again for sure.  I did get this lovely photo and may have to paint it. 

More selfies with the new haircut and I LOVE IT!  So easy during the heat of Oklahoma summer. 

Plus the many, MANY phone calls with Af with planning her upcoming wedding in August.  She is doing a fantastic job of getting it all planned from California, I'm impressed actually.  There's a lot of cogs in the wheel of planning a wedding and she seems to have a handle on it all.  Now if my outfit for the wedding will just come I will be happy.  I've also been trying to work at the office quite a bit as Bri has been teaching at Philbrook for the past month in the mornings.  I have to tell you working in our office and trying to be a full time artist has been a challenge.  Plus I haven't been at Daddy's near enough to take care of his finances as I should but I'm just seem to run out of hours in a day.  It may not get better until the wedding is done.  I've also been so busy with art shows.  We took down the 3 month run at Post Oak Lodge to turn right around and load it all up again to set up at The Hive in Jenks with 26 paintings.  I tend to paint large paintings and let me tell you after all this loading and unloading in Oklahoma summer, I'm re-thinking painting large!  I'm also re-thinking the having shows like this.  I'm going to be quite happy hanging in my own gallery right now.   I was supposed to go in with Linda at TCC Metro for a dual show to hang Tuesday but I just backed out.  I'm POOPED with the show thing right now.  I want NEED to concentrate on creating some new stuff.  I'm tired of the old and need to SELL it!  My goal is to get our "gallery" rearranged and hopefully have an open house soon.  But that may not happen as Plein Air Tulsa-Painting the Osage is coming in October and I'm Linda's right hand "man" in putting it together then in December we're having our sort of annual (not really) Christmas party at the house and I need to get a lot done at home and there is just not enough time.  My used to be art room at the house still have remnants of art and just corners of CRAP that need to be dealt with and I want to buy a bed and make it a guest room again.  I NEED my Bro-in-law to help me.  It's hard to make it happen when I'm constantly running out the door.  Honestly I need to get stuff done before August because the rehearsal dinner is here!!!!  EGADSSSSS, hadn't thought of that...CRAP!  Crud, I had better quit this and get busy.  Later gators, hopefully you will hear from me soon!

OMG I just realized I missed my blogaversary.  It's been 12 years since I've started writing here.  Onward to 13 years.  

Friday, June 08, 2018

Art Shows, Art Shows

Last night was the opening reception of our joint art show, Linda, Gil and I.
We prepped, we hung paintings, we prepared food and we invited everyone we know.  I know I sent out at least 500-600 invites on Facebook.
Six o'clock rolled around and finally people drifted in.  I was anxious but excited about it all. 
It was exhausting and fun to host this event.  I was a bit sad we only had less than 30 people show up with all the invites we sent out but that's okay, BECAUSE..... 

At the same time while we were in Jenks there was another show going on in downtown Tulsa.  I had entered in a show called MORE Color at the Dennis R Neill Equality Center.  It was a juried show, which means that you enter and they will be juried whether they are worthy to be in the show and then they will be judged.  Well, GUESS WHAT....I left the show in Jenks, heading home when my Messenger dinged and I checked to see another friend was letting me know that I TOOK FIRST PLACE in the show.  OMG!!!!!  I detoured and headed downtown as their event was an hour longer than ours.  I really needed to see for myself that I had won.  THIS is a big deal folks.  THIS really gets my name out there in the area, in this art world in Tulsa.  As much as I was let down from the attendance at our opening I was lifted way up to receive this first place award.