Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Time Away

Happy Belated Mother's Day

A wonderful weekend it certainly was.  I actually headed to the cabin on Wednesday afternoon to have some ME time for my Mother's Day gift to me!  It had been a few years since I spent some time on my own at the cabin and the weather did not disappoint.  
Since the torrential rains we had last year the creek has changed.  Our regular swimming hole used to have a flat bank you walked into the creek at but the water has eroded it to a 3 foot drop off and farther down this has appeared.  I prefer the moving water and shallow so you can see the bottom.  I don't want to swim, I want to walk in the waters but not till it's at least in the 90's during the day.  Spring Creek is FREEZING year round.  One day the thing was full to bursting with shad, in fact they were absolutely flipping out of the water.  I was able to scoop up handfuls of the 3-5 inch fish.  Soooo, needed a fishing pole. 
So much lush green and beauty.  Definitely have loads of ideas for paintings. 

Back into town on Sunday The Hubby and I picked up KFC, the mother-in-laws favorite, and headed to her little independent living apartment to enjoy the day.  She was so excited to have her family around her and had the table set beautifully for us.  

Of course it's also B2's Mother's Day and little Snicklefritz created a painting for her (without my help).  She took a little class and made it.  Sooooo cute and it had a story.  It's of her and her momma sewing, together!

I also received this sweet Mother's Day card from her.  She flew in the door and wished me Happy Mother's Day as she hugged my neck. 

Love that girl, LOVE ALL MY GIRLS! 


Linda Kay said...

Lovely family, and I haven't heard the name Snicklefritz for some time.

Sweet Tea said...

So much "pretty" at your cabin this time of the year.
Great painting inspiration for you.
Enjoyed the family photos and the special card from
your little grand.