Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday with Snicklefritz

 Good Saturday morning (7:07 am.)  I'm up early and little Snicklefritz is STILL asleep.  She is spending the weekend with us and "hopefully" the bed is not wet.  Yes, she has progressed to dry underwear all night, or at least at home.  Poor little thing was so exhausted yesterday that it was easy to put her down, but that also means a hard sleep for her, and possibly a wet bedspread as she slept on top of the bed.  I put pillows underneath the fitted sheet to make a kind of well in the center.  The bed is so his and we have hardwood floors and I was afraid she would roll off in the middle of the night.  She wanted to sleep in the center and so she is still there.  I woke up a little after 6 when I heard her let out a scared moan and I assume she was having a bad dream.  

We got her at lunch time and took her with us to our favorite Friday haunt, Bangkok for Thai buffet.  She ate and ate, veggies, pad Thai and rice.  The kid is not much into meat but that's okay.  So back home I got out a project her momma sent for us to do, paint her birdhouse.  The kit came with a small amount of paints so I broke out the acrylics and she had a heyday.
Then Granddad came home, her favorite play friend and she followed him around like a puppy dog.  She watched him clean out the water fountain and then rode around on the bike picking up tons of sticks and dried leaves in the wagon part.  She was painted and filthy and worn out but was having the time of her life.  A good dinner, bath, stories read and down she went at 8pm.  

UPDATE as I was writing:  She slept 11 hours with a DRY bed.  Up and ready for our Saturday.

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