Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Ramble

 Isn't this beautiful.  It's a crappy picture but the orchid is stunning.  Last year I bought three of them and put them in the window of our master bathroom suite.  They were blooming when I bought them and then the flowers dropped off, then this winter this happened.  They all three began to bloom again.  I know nothing about how to grow the things and didn't cut the, what I thought was dead, stem.  There is also a white one and a purple one which I broke off the flower stem and they all are blooming.  The window is south facing but towards them are the french doors to the north.  Success!


Since back from Scottsdale I've joined a portrait group to get some exposure in painting portraits.  Sometimes it is quite challenging.  When I'm in the moment of painting I like what I've done but when I get home and look at the picture I take (to finish) and the actual painting, well, I see the flaws, oh the flaws. 
This poor guy, "Martin", seems to have grown his face might long.  I'm not sure how to fix it and someday will attempt to fix it.

Also, we are back in the usual Ross class and Thursday he was surprised by a lady who came in to meet him.
She had this painting that she purchased at a local antique store and looked him up to find out about "the artist."  He was flattered and everyone was in awe.  He said it was done in the early 80's sometime for a bank somewhere.  Ross Myers is an amazing artist and I am lucky to have been under his tutelage the past few years! 
It was an amazing painting. 

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