Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Goings-On!

This week I've been a bit slow as a stupid head cold has left me puny.  It's not a bad one but bad enough to knock me down a bit.  There has been so much to do that this is just not acceptable.  The Hubby decided, that it was time we did Christmas cards again.  It has been a few years since we have sent out business or personal cards.  Since the move we unearthed a huge box of best intentions Christmas cards so sure that is just what I did.  What better to do while sniffling and sneezing but to do Christmas cards.  I've probably done 300 or so with about 60 or so left to do.  Today they will be finished, maybe Monday.

Last weekend was Bri's Alliday Show and it was a great success.  Unfortunately, while watching Rio either she gave me this cold or vice-versa.  I suspect though that one of our employees who was hanging over my desk last week moaning and sniffling gave it to me and I passed it on.  DANG IT!  So she's been quite puny too.

There was a sad note on Monday morning as they lost their sweet new kitten Opal Bebe.
Opal came from a large feral community and the community has a lot of health issues that apparently she was not able to fight.  They think she had a stroke or brain bleed.  The very short time she was in their household made a huge impact and struck them hard with the loss.  Opal had bonded very tightly with Bri so she was very devastated.  They got a kitten for Rio and for their older cat, Vera and they were all very sweet together.  precious baby, 
Opal Bebe. 


Linda Kay said...

So sorry for the loss of the kitty...they can worm their way into your heart pretty quickly.

Kay said...

That's so sad about that adorable kitten.

I hope the rest of your holiday will be happy and bright.