Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby Smiles

It's 5:34 a.m. and I'm sitting here with my fingers ready to type but again the brain flow has dried up.  Of course our world is kind of full of little baby Rio.  I could spend all day smiling at the little face and have her smile back at me.  Oh how our lives have changed and been enriched by that little bundle of joy.

The painting thing has been kind of dried up too.  I just haven't been inspired to paint but instead have been cross stitching ornaments, Santa Claus ornaments.  This one I finished in class on Tuesday.  It's from a photo I can't seem to find to post here from my childhood, my Greatgranny's house.  Of course I took some artistic license to embellish with the flowers but it's a black and white photo so I had to make it pop.
The problem with finding the original photo is with this darned new laptop.  When I transferred the photos from the old laptop it dumped all of the photos in one huge file.  I had them all sorted out neatly in file folders, titled but now they are in a HUGE big mess.  ARGHHHHHHHH!  I have over 33500 photos, that is a problem.  Plus, when the ITunes library dumped in it doubled every single song and I have over 8000 songs. OH MY GOODNESS!  I have work to do.  

Christmas is finally put away in boxes and stored in the attic!  So glad that is over, really.  I'm ready to move forward in the year.  Now it's tax crap.  Got to gather and sort and get that stuff ready.  

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Anonymous said...

Rio is sooo flippin cute! Oh my!!!