Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Flu

Jumping into 2013 has been with both feet and hit the ground running.  New Years Eve we got to enjoy the company of B and baby Rio and in fact for the past couple of nights.  Poor B2 has had the flu and since Rio is just now 3 months all felt it was in her best interest for her exposure to be limited until he at least got over the horrendous fever.  Of course, sadly, that meant B2 was by himself dealing with the sickness.  B would pop in over there and take him food and pick up more diapers, but he was quarantined for the most part.  This meant our house was full of grandbaby, daughter and Mondo the Wonder Dog.  I haven't felt that kind of life in our household since the youngest still lived at home.  It was full to bursting with activity but it was time for Rio to have it come to an end.  Sweet little girl was distraught and exhausted and just done with this spending the night.  She wants to have her routine back, her bed, her home.  Today they pack it up and go home.  Sad but I know she needs to have her little world put back together.  

It's also time for me to get my world back together.  I've put off putting Christmas back into boxes and in the attic but it's time.  Actually, I think it won't be disappearing back up the ladder until next week sometime.  Just don't have the time.  Today it's back to work to get invoicing out and pay a few bills. 

I did meet my goal for 2012 and read 60 books!  Whew!


Michelle said...

I did take our tree down yesterday, but as for the rest of the Christmas things, eh. I'll do it this weekend. If I'm not to busy!

Beryl said...

My husband took the tree down yesterday and I missed it when I got up this morning. Time to get the Christmas dishes out of the kitchen, too.
I know your granddaughter was a little young to enjoy this Christmas, but how wonderful it's going to be next year! Fun!