Sunday, December 09, 2012

Post Party

This is just a quick update and I'm so sorry but a camera was not even used last night to document the FABULOUS Party that happened here.   My feet, my aching feet!  After nearly 2 hours in my pumps, my pretty shoes, I ditched them for barefoot then out came the house shoes.  My guests by that time didn't mind as they all knew that I had recent surgery.  About 5:15 the wait staff I hired arrived and what I can say is WOW!  Best decision I ever made for sure and well worth any money to help.  They started in getting the drink area going and my food table set up, especially when the food arrived at 6 and some early guests that arrived (party started at 6:30.)  My Daddy even arrived at 4:30, before it was dark.  He stayed about 15 minutes and then was on his way back home.  The drive this time made him very nervous.  So even though I needed to pay attention to the food set up I had to attend to guests earlier than expected, but that was okay. I checked my list this morning and there were a total of 86 guest in attendance.  I planned on 150 on food and beverages and you know what, there is not much food left.  The caterer I use has great food and the amount eaten is testament to that.  It seemed that everyone arrived at once with a trickle throughout the evening but it was pretty much done by 10 pm.  We had a few stragglers coming after that and we welcomed them by the fire pit with a glass of wine and lots of chit-chat.  It was a glorious evening, made even better is that the wait staff put all the leftovers in the fridge, washed my dishes used and took away their plates and wine glasses that I didn't have to wash!  Big plus on all the decisions we made.  The last of the guests finally headed home at one in the morning as I was changing into something much more comfortable and getting my bed ready.  It was guy time by the fire and I was done!

Good stuff happened though as there was a kind of bidding war on some of my paintings and I may have sold some.  People were whispering so their spouses or partners would not hear for Christmas presents!  SCORE!  Also, I may have a commission piece to do, and it's for a gift for a world renowned designer!!!!! SCORE!  Couldn't have been a better evening.

I got to introduce my Now best friend to my old high school best friend that I have reconnected with.  It is was a wonderful feeling to have some of my favorite people meet and be one place together, with me!  Actually, our home was full of best friends and our life is full of riches of the love our friends showed us and hopefully we show them.  Life is good!

Today is REST day and I may have The Hubby to take me to dinner tonight!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

What a great time. Those helpers you hired really helped!

Sweet Tea said...

It sounds wonderful, and I knew it would be. It's a rare thing to get a group of good friends together during the holidays since everyone is so busy and "scheduled". And selling some of your lovely paintings is a definite SCORE!!
Rest up today and simply enjoy the afterglow of your wonderful evening.

Kay said...

This sounds great! How wonderful that you were able to sell some paintings. Sounds like a perfect evening.

Anonymous said...

Sounds soooo awesome!!!! Hooray for the selling of paintings.... your party sounds magical!!!