Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Alliday Show - The Day After

Yesterday was a big day.  It was the 3rd Annual Alliday Show that B produces.  It was a rousing success for all involved.  The Friday before we spent setting up and helping all the other vendors find their places and get set up.  Rio was a huge help in showing them her precious bright eyes and not hardly making a peep.  She endured two days of constant strangers smiling at her and oooing and awwing at her.  This poor little girl was a trooper and I'm sure this morning is still napping and resting. 
The publicity was awesome for the show with B on television several times, in local magazines and even in the Tulsa World newspaper Saturday morning!  Turn out was consistent and steady and I think everyone did well.  We are all exhausted but it is a good tired after a successful event.  Now on to next year.
Here's to Alliday 2013!

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Beryl said...

I really wanted to get out to see this show, but had my husband's work party with all the out-of-town people to drive around used up the whole day. Next year for sure. Glad you had a good time and so excited that your daughter got to do all that publicity. I'll bet I saw her and didn't even connect you two in my mind.