Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vinyl, Cassette, CD or iPod

Which do you prefer vinyl cassette, CD or iPod?  I have been through all phases of ways to listen to music and I'm beginning to have a preference and it is not what you think.  Of course I'm of the generation of vinyl records and I have a ton of them, 45's and 33-1/3's.  I have since replaced a lot of them with cassette, then CD.  We have a record player but it just doesn't play right now and that is sad.  45's I have a lot because I used to work in a 5&dime, Ben Franklin and I got a discount so my collection grew along with the albums.  Albums are awesome because of the artwork that appeared on them.  I think artwork on CD's is just not that great anymore, (my opinion).  Anyway, back to music.  I have amassed hundreds of CD's over the years (Amazon.com and I are great friends...One Click) and have put most of them into my computer and then my iPod.  I used to love to shuffle my CD's in my travel case for the car when I drove a good 30 minutes to work but now I drive 7 minutes.  I miss deciding what to listen to from that hands on shuffle.  The iPod thing is pretty cool but really I'm having a hard time trying to find what I want to listen too.  You may cock your head at your computer right now as you read my words knowing how much music I have on my iPod, over 7,000 songs but that is the issue.  Too many.  Too many words to look at, to scroll through.  I like grabbing a CD and that was it for awhile.  I know I could probably use the cover flow view but I just don't like it much.  Part of my problem is that I just can't look at the screen and see what I want without looking for my reading glasses because I just can't see anything but a blur on the screen.  I miss my albums, I love my CD's and I'm going to have to get used to using the iPod more efficiently.  Which do you prefer?

My new fav artist right now are -
Mumford and Sons
Lady Antebellum (yeah I know it's country and that is just not my bag)
Katy Perry
Classical anything (to paint and draw to)


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I also miss the cover art and liner notes on albums. They are never coming back and looking up a band's web site is too much hassle.

For music that I really like I buy the cd and then listen to it until I'm sick of it and then I rip it to itunes on my pc.

From their I just do a random shuffle play and just listen to what comes up.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Vinyls are a bit before my time -I do remember my family listening to them a lot though. Cassettes and CD's are ok -they can get damaged sometimes though - And I love to make a mix or playlist -So, I love the Ipod! -I still listen to CD's sometimes to though. BTW watched the video -pretty good song :)