Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Sweeping We Will Go

Yes, that would be Mr. Jimbo on his roof next door at the retreat.  He is sweeping the walnuts, leaves and twigs off of his cabin roof.

This would be the rapidly moving backside of The Hubby on our roof.  Every time I tried to snap a pic he was moving, much like little Clayton sometimes, just a blur.  He was on our roof sweeping and trying to get our digital antenna to work again.  Ever since the girls weekend it has been on the fritz.  We get channel 2 then 8 then only 6 then 8 is 2...EGADS!!!  I only want to watch the news. 
Then while up there The Hubby discovered that we had a squirrel's nest atop the chimney.  That had to go quickly because fall is in the air and a fire is soon to follow.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

He's doing a good job, those leaves and nuts will start to decay on your roof, and then you'll have a bigger mess, as you already know.
Squirrels do seem to have a habit of building in the wrong places ;)

Flea said...

No squirrels on the roof! Those little buggers do some damage!

Char said...

my brother swept out the gutters this weekend - time to get ready for the fall.