Thursday, October 19, 2006

What a Morning!

What a morning I've had. Actually, my interesting day started yesterday. I had to go to Daddy's and have him sign and have notarized and witnessed, his new trust, will, living will, etc....That done we boogied back to the house to find my Sis pulling up in the driveway (why wasn't she at work). We walked into the house and she said she just got a call from the man who is the trustee of our Granny's trust. He was on his way over to divy out the moola. See, my Granny did not like my dad and so the trust was there to take care of Momma's medical needs if needed. Since she is now gone the trust disolves and is given to my Bro, Sis and I. We had decided to invest the money and save it just in case we needed it for Daddy. Unfortunately, my Sis has become a little greedy. Yes, yes, yes, it is not a lot of money but it is found money and doesn't have to come out of our back pocket to take care of Daddy when/if we need it later. She wants to buy living room furniture and book tickets for Disneyland/world (not sure which). I was apalled but, I know my Sis. Anyway, I think Daddy was persuasive enough to her that she at least put half of it in a CD for a year. YEAH! I was glad for that.

Back to my day. I went to the bank first thing this morning and put mine in CD's, interest bearing accounts for at least 3 years and will just forget about it. I was very proud of myself. While I was there, because we qualify for it, I changed our personal accounts to interest bearing too. I felt very impowered today doing all this business/financial stuff w/o The Hubby. Well, why should I worry he hasn't written a check on the personal account in probably 15 years. He was pretty pleased after I got through to the fog he was dealing with in his brain. He thought I had switched our savings around and this and that and I had to say WHOA! It's ok I just did some good stuff. Wow, he can sure go 0 to 60 pretty quick when it is dealing with money.

Man, I have a headache. Could be the dry air already and dry leaves that have descended upon Oklahoma. I woke up with a headache and it just keeps on pounding away. Have to have a nap today...really...

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