Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What a day.

Yesterday I finally cleaned out and around my desk area at the office. I had a deadline and a goal. We had a guy here taking pic's for our new company website so I had to clean. It really wasn't bad and I feel better about my office area. Of course the stuff I cleaned out and boxed up went straight home to my home office which I'm still trying to organize from the move. What's a few more boxes to add to the mix.

Today was the picture taking. YUCK. I hate to have my picture taken and here I was sitting at my desk smiling into a camera lense. What's so bad is that tonight we, as a family are having family pic's made at the local park. Talk about stress! My two beautiful grown daughters (the youngest just barely 21) are trying to figure out what to wear and then "The Hubby" gets into the act. We had decided to wear dark blue jeans with black sweaters or shirts and then Mr. Style shoots down our idea and really throws a kink into the plan. If he would just trust me and my stylish daughters we would have it done but oh no he has to stir the pot, especially with the youngest. She's kind of difficult to navigate anyway and now this. I can guarantee it won't be smooth sailing this evening. I keep you posted.

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