Sunday, October 28, 2018

Monday, October 22, 2018

Plein Air Tulsa! Painting in the Osage

Plein Air Tulsa!  Painting in the Osage 2018.  
Friday morning began early at 6:45 for the volunteers.  Doors opened for the artists that waited in the pouring rain outside of Ziegler Art and Frame at 7 a.m.  The die-hard artists started streaming in to check-in and grab a fully-loaded goodie bag.  They were off to capture the wet day.

Plein Air artists are dedicated to the craft.  Some found shelter under canopies, awnings, umbrellas, and cars. 

If you drove around Tulsa you might have caught a glimpse of 45 different artists capturing a moment.

Friday ended and the artists looked forward to a new day and different weather at Post Oak Lodge in Osage County.  

They were in for a wonderful surprise, I mean sunrise.  

The day began at Post Oak Lodge a bit chilly and developed into a magnificent Plein Air event.

We had sculptors,  
oil painters, watercolorist's, 
pastel artists,  

acrylic painters, 

and just joyful artists capturing the beauty of a fall Oklahoma day at Post Oak Lodge.  

After a long day of painting, some artists decided to try their hands at a Quick Draw event for an hour.  

But, that was not all.  After a bite of dinner and maybe a quick nap there was an opportunity for a Nocturnal Painting.

I poured myself into bed, at home, but had to be on the road to Post Oak Lodge by at least 6:30 to ready for the set up for the Wet Paint Sale and Reception.

The art was stored overnight but then had to be moved out to the great hall where we assembled a wonderful display.  That took a couple of hours to get it just right and then the art was hung, labeled, judged.  We waited for the reception, awards and sale.  Wonderfully so, some of the art was sold while it was being displayed.

The artists would be quite happy, sold art, awards and prizes, food and pleasant exhaustion. 

Plein Air Tulsa!  Painting in the Osage 2018 is now in the books awaiting the next years marching orders. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Cherish Life

Good Saturday morning!  It is quite dreary out and I'm happily ensconced inside, at home, with Snicklefritz and The Hubby!  Fall is truly here, and winter, the weatherman says, is closer than we think.  This morning The Hubby couldn't stand it anymore and turned on the heat.  I planned on going to the studio this weekend and spend some quality time at my easel but decided to have the kid-let instead.  The studio has been overrun with Plein Air Tulsa stuff and people all week long and not much painting has been going on there anyway.  Next weekend it is over and Linda and I can focus on our most important show at the Equality Center.  I think I have enough paintings, but not quite sure.  I need to count, organize, list and make title tags to put with the paintings.  I've been working a lot at the office this week too and will need to be there on Monday to fix a MISTAKE I made.  I messed up a FICA deposit, crediting it to 3rd quarter instead of 4th quarter.  I've never messed that up before and have to call.  I hate doing that stuff but it is what it is.  

The Hubby has been quite busy dancing the past few weeks, like four nights a week.  This weekend is Fall Fling put on by Tulsa Swing Club and next month is state competition that he has been practicing for.  It's a tri-state competition in OKC for two days and he's looking forward to it.  Doesn't leave much time for us but I'm okay with that as I've been busy with gearing up for Plein Air Tulsa, the show in November and planning my 45th class reunion in June.  Lots and LOTS of meetings and I'm kind of struggling to keep it all straight.  My calendar doesn't seem to have a break lately, except for this weekend, and I'm totally enjoying this bit of down time, and time with Snicklefritz.  

Cabin time will have to be made up next month when there will be a fire in the fireplace, a pot of soup on the stove and clinking glasses of fine wine with friends.  

I have been able to get a couple of fall paintings done and hopefully I will get them sold at the show.  I've even got a commission I need to get working on!  On top of all of this we are also throwing our HUGE Christmas party December 1.  Yes, surely didn't see my life being this busy when I planned on doing it a year ago.  At least I've got the bedroom done and just need to do a bit of clean up, hang a few paintings I've purchased and have a party.  BUT, I do need to work on invites for the show and Chistmas party, and MAYBE a few Christmas cards.

I've been thinking about all that I am grateful for lately.  My life, my wonderful life.  I will not complain.  I have a fabulous husband, children, granddaughter, siblings, extended family!  The people and families that are dealing with the hurricane's and flooding from the Carolina's to Florida, I cannot imagine what their lives are like now.  Just heartbreaking.  We also lost a friend recently, my age, Bud, who had been dealing with dementia for 12 YEARS!  So very sad for his family and his loss to not be able to grow old with his family or even REMEMBER IT!  Another couple we know, Tim and Kathy, just sold their businesses here in Tulsa, moved back to Chicago to begin retirement with their daughters and grandkids.  They had been there probably 2 months and Tim was riding his Harley and was hit by a car and has been in the hospital fighting for his life with the possibility of brain damage.  You thank your lucky stars for your life.  Love your family, kiss the kids and grandkids and cherish all that you have in your life.  I certainly am right now.  It can be snuffed out so quickly.  

Have a cherished weekend and life with family and friends.