Friday, October 09, 2015

Not What I Thought This Would Be

 Good Friday Morning!

This will be  ramble as it has been awhile since I have shared.  Just going to spill....WAIT........

OH MY GOSH....It is 7:09 a.m. and I am sitting at my office desk.  I started writing this post at home and The Hubby came into my sanctuary room to let me know that "he forgot" to tell me last night that one of our guys needed panel schedules for a job that had an inspection today.  Our guy, Ben, is leaving the office to get to the jobsite by 7 each morning!!!!!  That means I HAD to be at the office and typing before 7.  Thanks a lot The Hubby.  So I rushed into the bedroom, threw clothes on, tossed hair into a ponytail, or Snicklefritz calls it,  a "Pony-Pony", wash face, brush teeth and flew out the door.  I also had an 8 am appointment with the yard people (it got rescheduled at 7:30 this morning) and then to the grocery store before I get Snicklefritz for the weekend.  I did NOT want to drag her through the store with me.  I'm having some hip-hip-flexor issues that make walking almost impossible sometimes.  The thought of just walking through the store makes me wince.  I am TERRIFIED that it's my hip and a hip replacement is what I'm might be looking at.  Vowed to not have that done after all that Daddy has gone through.

I started water aerobics last week and not sure if they are helping or hindering right now because of the hip...we'll see.

I have been at least painting up a storm lately.  One of my "fans" sent me this picture of her bird wall, the paintings I have painted, she has purchased....WOW!  How very exciting to see my art hanging and being loved.

Been working on these little jewels this week...
What's cool is that the cars have spurred an old friend to contact me to commission a car photo for her husband!  SCORE!

"Robbie's Ride" 9x12 oil on canvas panel

"Three Stooges"  11x14 oil on canvas 

"Rob's Work Truck 1976" 9x12 oil on canvas panel

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Linda Kay said...

Beautiful paintings with some great titles!