Sunday, April 07, 2013

Stuff is a Happening...

So much has happened this past week and weekend I had to share.  First of all was seeing my art actually hanging on Thursday at The Beauty Loft.  Oh my goodness it is does so much for my ego and confidence you can't imagine.  
Then on Friday after our usual Thai lunch buffet at Bangkok Buffet we grabbed our fortune cookies and this is what was on our fortunes.  The first one is mine and the second is The Hubby's.  I was taken by surprise by both of them said something about Friday and it was Friday.  So much is going on for us right now this doesn't surprise me but for me should have been Saturday... 
We went to the cabin for the weekend and Saturday while The Hubby went to the gun show I went we four other ladies to The Canebrake for lunch.  The Canebrake is a destination spa in northeastern Oklahoma and a wonderful place to visit.  Anyway, when we walked in the door we saw on the walls art, lots of art adorning the place.  Then they started talking about a friend of one of them that had a show for an entire month in March.  Then the encouragement started about my art.  They saw it on my phone and went on and on and talked to the owner who informed us that the only month left open this year was October if I was interested....YES....HELL YES!  So, in October I will have a month long show and hopefully a reception for my art!  I'm so very excited but I really NEED to get some more stuff painted ASAP!  So my Saturday was my fortune cookie come true!

Now on to the rest of the weekend.  The Hubby decided that it was time that the dead tree in front of our porch at the cabin had to go.  I was not happy because that dead was what my beautiful clematis climbed on but he would not be detered.  
He tried to pull it down with the truck but he was fooled to think it was totally rotten, it was not.  So a chain saw had to be used.
Now we have a lot of baby tree logs all over the place and he will have to rent a splitter and I will have to try and find something to fill the void and save my clematis. 
One fun thing is that while I was sitting on the porch I saw a bluebird fly into the box that has been up for a couple of years with nest making stuff in her beak! bluebirds.
I also filled the other feeders and have purple finches and gold finches flocking in. 
A quick ride around and I found all the rain has started the dam to really have some water flowing. 
Then a sweet picture of our little boy sunning...ohhhhh Clayton...we love you little guy. 


Beryl said...

Good luck with you clematis. And thanks for the picture of Clayton - he really is one of the cutest dogs.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Perhaps the writer of the fortune cookie was in a different time zone! LOL

It sounds like the fortune was spot-on, in any case. I wish you all the best with your beautiful art.

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