Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Morning Update

 Good Sunday morning.  I of course could not sleep in as the bladder is used to being up at 5 am, along with Clayton and his tummy.  So here I sit at 7am, up for two hours now.  Oh well.  

Isn't this a lovely view of my crepe myrtle outside my bathroom window.  I love the blues and white and green and it might just find it's way onto my canvas.

Painting this week I finished this sweet gem.  It's called "Elaina" and the bathing beauty is the granddaughter of a friend of mine.  I saw the photo on Facebook and asked her mother if I could paint it, of course I took out some stuff and added some stuff.  It turned out cute and I think I will put it in a show in the fall.  If it doesn't sell I will give it to her momma.

Next on the easel is this one.  I took this photo where I get my hair cut a couple of weeks ago and just KNEW it would be a beautiful painting.  I prepped a 24x24 gallery wrapped canvas and began.  The most important thing was getting the background started but I think I will probably do more on the background eventually.  I drew the thing next because this has to be pretty exact to make it perfect.

This is what I have so far and I am LOVING it!  I think it is going to be stunning when I am done and too will be in a show.  There is a lot more to do and I will take my time to make it as perfect as I possibly can along with trying to move into the new studio.   

Also on the agenda this week was getting Daddy a new chair.  That guy is so very hard on chairs and the last one didn't last long.  He just wears them out because it's where he spends most of his time.  Monday I had a few minutes and I went shopping after putting it off for weeks.  I knew he didn't want a rocker or any of the fancy-schmancy things that recliners have and he DID want a Lazy Boy with leather.  I sat in a few and this was won me over.  It was quick and sweet and EXPENSIVE but it's for my Daddy.

They delivered it on Thursday and I do believe he is extremely happy.  He told me yesterday that his butt is happy!  Also on that chore was to get rid of the old nasty one and the other nasty one that replaced the other old nasty one that was on the back porch that he WOULD NOT let the delivery guys take away.  He also had a huge big screen TV that BLEW UP sitting in the living room that had to go.  I enlisted the help of the unemployed nephew that is in need of money to load up the unwanted nasty's and take them to the dump.  Of course, it was at a price.  The dump had a $25 fee and I was willing and I paid the nephew $100 to take on the task.  It was worth it for me to have it all hauled away AND to keep this old guy from complaining which he is absolutely king of.  
He seemed very frail when I went over yesterday.  He's had the diarrhea happening again and it really takes a toll on him.  It is NOT C-Diff but don't know what's causing it.  He actually has an appointment with the gastric doctor on Wednesday and hopefully they get it figured out.  Then in a few weeks he goes to the neuro doc about the blockage in his neck and then probably surgery.  

Tomorrow I start some tests.  I'm having a bone density test then Tuesday it's the carotid artery and vascular/heart testing done.  My doctor has all of his patients do this and I thought why not, what if they do find something, would it be so bad.  I could get it fixed before something tragic happens.  It's all precautionary stuff.  I really hate getting old. 

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