Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Little Snicklefritz and I HAVE NEWS!

 Happy photos of Snicklefritz and ME!  
She has had a very busy summer with swim lessons, zoo camp and this week more swim and dance lessons.  Plus she and her Momma took a small 3 day trip to OKC to visit museums, visit friends and family and to let her Momma give a talk to the Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild.

She is growing so, SO very fast, soon to turn 5 and in August will officially start Pre-K!  Wow!

Now the NEWS
That said door leads to my NEW STUDIO, art studio actually.  

When I started painting in 2009 my "studio" has been in the house in a guest bedroom.  I also have one set up at the office, but I don't paint there often.  One of the reasons is that at the office there are phone calls, deliveries (my studio is upstairs...operative word STAIRS!)  The constant interruption is maddening.  You just get started and in the zone then the phone rings or the deliveries begin.  At home, I like painting at home, but the room is getting full, and I am easily distracted by laundry, dishes, usual household duties and the occasional hubby popping in all times of the day.  Again, distraction.  

In a perfect world I have a dream to own a building where there can be studio spaces for a few friends (renters) and class space then gallery space.  I want a gallery.  The problem is The Hubby is just not cooperating in that idea.  I found a building I wanted but he is not in the market to get another loan, ever.  He hates owing money and because we have he building loan that has about another year on it he is ADAMANT about it.  I had a problem with that thinking because I guarantee if he finds another "building" or money making opportunity with real estate he will want me on board, like always in his plans.  That may not happen again!  That's enough...on to the good news.

My friend, my painting friend Linda and I found an opportunity to lease a space with another artist, Gil, and it was affordable and we JUMPED with both feet.  It's actually close to the house, has enough space for three of us and both people are super, SUPER nice.  I paint with Linda a couple of days a week anyway and we have great fun.  It's wonderful to have her feedback and help because she is a superb artist, as is Gil.  We are in the process of moving stuff in in this HOT July summer, slow and steady.  PLUS we have teaching (that is Linda's department), and we can have ART SHOWS!!!  Maybe Christmas time we will be have a big one!  Look for the announcement.  I will have pic's when we get all set up.  

Toodles my friends!

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