Sunday, April 30, 2017


Trying to find inspiration for a painting is kind of hard sometimes.  I may have a great photo but the desire to paint it may just not be there.  I've had this photo for at least a year and yesterday I just HAD to paint it.
I finished it and shared some of my process and progress on LIVE on Facebook.  That is kind of scary sometimes, but fun.
"All By Myself" 30x24 oil on linen

More inspiration, hopefully... 

This one was started in a workshop/class and the photo is not mine but Gil Adams, our instructor.  I don't usually paint from other photos but it's a class.  
It's been sitting on my table for a few weeks now then I decided I wanted to finish and maybe change some stuff on it... 
"Old Barn" 11x14 oil on linen
I added flowers that were not in the photo and the truck and I think I love it, as did others because it is already SOLD!

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