Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Barrels and Blooms

Good morning.  Rain, rain, rain, last night it was lots of storms and rain.  I know we have been in a drought but really, it can stop now.  The ground is just water logged at this point and there is more coming this weekend.  It's hard to get inspiration photos to paint with the world being soggy.  

Finally, I finished this one.  I'm not sure of the title yet but may call it Ol'vine, after the restaurant I took the photo at.  A working title, from a friend, is Barrels and Blooms.  It's a 30x24 oil.  

I've been watching a lot of painting videos on YouTube lately, trying to get inspiration from other artists.  I found this guy in England, Michael James Smith that is quite amazing to watch.  If I can't sit at my easel everyday I am trying to at least do SOMETHING artsy to keep my mind in the zone and I think it's working.  I look at the world with different eyes, constantly dissecting everything I see into a possible painting and how to do it.  I WANT to do this all the time but my life is not supporting it.  Way too busy. 


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