Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Slow Down Please

Sometimes I wish my world would slow down a bit.  This week, the past couple of weeks are just flying by and I find I don't have enough minutes, or hours in my day.  I have been painting but it has been an effort to find the time.  I finished this one on Saturday and I think I'm pleased with it.  It's big, like 18x24 or 20x24, not sure size.  
I went to the Broken Arrow Museum show opening that my group Alpha Rho Tau has for the next month.  I took Daddy and that was fun to introduce him to some of my painting friends and share that he was #43 in the football painting.  Haven't sold anything, YET!  Hopefully it happens.  Plus Sunday I delivered two paintings to Wild Fork at Utica Square that will hang there for two months.  Hopefully they will sell!

In the art thing I've been still attending my Tuesday art classes and I've recently added a Monday afternoon with a guy named Gil Adams.  I was still in the frame of mind to do a black and white and did this of Snicklefritz.  I'm not happy with it as it has her to old and I'm going to fix it, maybe today.  I've got to shorten her face to make her younger.  This portrait thing I'm extremely interested in perfecting.  In fact, in June I will attend a 4 day workshop with some guy from the Philippine's that specializes in portrait's and I just ordered a DVD from a guy in Australia that I like.  It's a constant learning thing. 

I did this one in my regular art class with Ross Myers yesterday.  It was more of a tonal one with a bit of burnt umber added to the black and white but I absolutely love it.   

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