Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Crap, Crud, ICK!

Yes, I have the crap, the crud, the ICK yet again.  Was so totally afraid that I had the flu because our right hand man came down with it this weekend and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.  He's asthmatic so they were extra cautious and were prompt in giving him breathing treatments.  Poor guy, he's the one who lost his wife a couple of years ago from ovarian cancer.  Supposedly they are sending him home today!  Scary.  So when I started down the sick path I immediately had the flu test done.  Have you ever had that done.  OH MY GOODNESS...they stick, well, sticks way up your nose and you cough, sneeze, cry but good news is that I DO NOT have the flu.  I have an upper respiratory infection so it was either going to be Tamiflu or a Z-Pac and now with the Z-Pac on board I am on the mend.  Yesterday sounded like Minnie Mouse when I spoke but today most of the squeak is gone.  I had planned on staying home to paint and sleep but as you may know my plans never happen like I plan them.  So I sit here at the office because The Hubby said he had a big invoice to type and being me I thought I had better get it typed.  It is NOT a big invoice at all.  He will truly hear from me later that is for sure.  It's all good though as I'm also headed to the chiropractor for my sciatica.  That is getting better too but between not being able to get comfortable in bed because of it and not being able to sleep because my head is killing me and stuffed and, and, and...sleep is been hard to get.  Definitely see a nap in my future today.  

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