Saturday, February 08, 2020

My Painting World

The weekend is here...YEAH!  Honestly the week just seemed to creep by and I'm not sure why, probably because of the nasty snow.  I am NOT a snow or winter person at all and that may explain my desire to paint green, lots and lots of green lately.
Red House in the Country

Fishin' Hole
It's funny that I felt stuck with my art stuff but I think it's evolving because look what I've been doing lately.  Of course, lots of green but look closely, it's kind of more impressionism than realism and it's landscapes.  I'm finding myself drawn to create them lately.   
Hay Time
My studio partner, Linda and I have a show coming up this September in Broken Arrow and I felt I needed some collections, sets, a focus.  It's always been flowers before and I know I'll do that but I think I've already got a collection going here!!!  I just realized that this morning when I was looking at what I've created lately, and I am going to continue, if I can find some more pictures to work on.   
Moss Mountain Farm
 Hoping this spring will give me tons of stuff to do and MAYBE I just might get outside and actually plein air paint!!!!
Remembering Charlotte
 I will continue the portrait stuff but I'm struggling on those and need to find a portrait class to take.  Actually, Linda is going to teach one and I told her I am first on her list!!!

Plus this spring we will take a workshop in Tulsa from a guy named Patrick Saunders.  I'm not sure who got him to come to Tulsa but I am VERY happy about that. 

Gotta run and PAINT!

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