Thursday, November 08, 2018

Busy Girl

I cannot believe my posting has been so sporadic this year.  I've just been so busy with art shows, kiddo, art workshop, voting, work and just getting ready for the holidays.
I did finish this little lady and she is installed in the show that opened last week at the Dennis R Neill, Equality Center downtown.  If you didn't get to the show opening you can go anytime to see mine and Linda's art, well anytime is 12-9 pm seven days a week.  Please go by and see, maybe buy!

Also the watercolor workshop/class I have actually not been attending.  I missed several classes due to events that could not be helped and really I don't feel I'm learning much for the time spent. 
I did do this little gem in my studio and it was a door prize at the art opening. 
The show was awesome with tons of people coming to support us. 

I'm very proud at what I have produced.

Then we come to this week and the END of the attack ads from candidates for office.  I can't tell you how glad I am that this is OVER! 
I actually voted, had a very productive meeting at the office and then spent the day taking photos to flood my mind with beauty while sharing my time with Snicklefritz. 

Isn't she a beauty.   

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