Sunday, September 30, 2018

Updating My World

It's time to update on this little guy.  Clayton is doing well but that dang cone of shame didn't come off until last night after a bath.  He has worn it so long that it broke and The Hubby had to patch it together with vent hose tape.  The tumor is gone, but not all the way.  It will come back because they could not get it all.  The next option is to amputate but we are NOT going to do that.  He's 13 years old and when it is there you can mash, push and prod and he doesn't flinch, nor does he lick it.  I'm not going to put him through another surgery.  Poor little guy.

What can I say! 

I finished this sweet 11x14 oil and I call it "Auntie Af's Big Day".  It was posted on Facebook and I have never EVER gotten so many likes.   I totally love it and plan on entering it in some shows. 

Today is my mother-in-law's 91st birthday.  Tomorrow Snicklefritz is turning 6, but today we party celebrating both birthday's.  Actually, Monday was her momma's birthday and I believe Thursday my sis-in-law.  Wow, September is full of birthday fun.  Snicklefritz gets lumped in because they are all so close.  

I do have news in my art orbit.  Of course yesterday I took the "Lady and the Red Rose" to the Tulsa Artist Coalition for the member show starting on Friday.  It was a juried show and a big thing to get in.  Last year was the first time I was in it.  Today my painting buddy and her hubby go to Fayetteville to pick up our paintings that juried in Artists of Northwest Arkansas show.  I don't believe I got a ribbon but you never know.  Tomorrow I deliver 4 of my paintings and 5 of Linda's to The Hive in Jenks for the Tulsa Artist Guild show.  I did have 5 but one sold that I entered.  That's a good thing.  

Now the really good stuff.  Last fall I was tasked, at Lemon Tree Fine Art (Linda and I), on trying to get some shows in Tulsa.  We did get The Hive and Post Oak Lodge.  And we were informed by the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center that they had the 12 months filled but if anyone backed out we were first on the list to have a show.  Guess what, they called.  They asked if Linda and I would like to have November.  My first thought was, CRAP, because we had planned to finally have our studio/gallery open house in November.  What this means is that we have to have about 20 paintings EACH for the Center.  Our studio would be empty and we HAVE GOT TO paint, paint, paint to even make that quota.  Oh gosh, this is so exciting.

I'm not through.  I've posted before that Linda and I are working on the event Plein Air Tulsa.  Last year was Tulsa and this year is Plein Air Tulsa:  Painting The Osage.  Linda is amazing in getting everything put in place and I am her sounding board, right-hand-Jane.  I keep track of the entrants and the money and expenses.  She has been working on the advertising and getting donations of money or merchandise for the goodie bags.  This is an off shoot and under the umbrella of Alpha Rho Tau, one of the groups we belong to.  Anyway, she called me Friday and said that the television show Explore Tulsa which airs on Channel  6 and the CW is COMING TO OUR STUDIO on Monday afternoon to film.  They are coming for the Plein Air event but IT'S OUR STUDIO!!!  Exciting but, oh snap, it's a mess and most of the good stuff is dispersed out to various shows.  So yesterday I delivered the painting and then all afternoon I cleaned and organized and clean and organized.  

Also, don't forget that Friday is the Art Crawl, First Friday downtown and I will have my painting at the AHHA!  I plan on being there at least the first hour or two so come by and see me and the painting.  

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