Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Clayton Update and Lifestyle Changes

The week goes on and I'm STILL typing on my newly debugged laptop!  So happy about that.  It's been a couple of long weeks for our sweet Clayton.  He got the "Cone of Shame" on Saturday night because he kept trying to pull the drain tube out and rip off the bandage.  At one point he actually stepped out of the bandage and The Hubby attempted to put it back on but got it on backyards.  Poor guy would not walk on it. 

 Monday I dropped him at the vet to get his bandage changed and assess if the tube stayed.  They had me drop him off at 8 am and pick up later in the day.  I went a bit after three and ended up waiting for two hours.  The place was a madhouse and standing room only but I'm patient.  The room slowly cleared out and soon he appeared around the corner with a totally new bandage and NO TUBE!  Yeah.  I don't have to have him back till next Monday but the "Cone of Shame" has to stay put, at least when we are gone, because he will not leave it alone.  

I can't remember if I have written about this but about 3 weeks ago I joined the HealthZone.  I started walking, slowly.  11 laps around is a mile and the first day I was barely able to make 3 laps.  The next week 4 laps with this Monday 5 laps.  Today back to 4, but I AM WALKING!  My old trainer, Wade is there too and last week I signed up with him to get me really back on track.  I've really been working on the food lately and the exercise was my next step.  I am sore, sore, sore but it's a welcome sore and I feel great.  Already the scale has shown a 5 pound loss!  I'm doing simple meat and veggie meals, like last night with roast chicken and onions and a simple salad.  I'm on a mission to lose AT LEAST 50 pounds.  Then I will reassess.   

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