Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Weddings and Weddings

Life...life is very busy for me and everyone around me lately.  This past weekend the oldest and I tripped off to OKC for my niece's wedding.  She is doing so much better and I decided I needed to be supportive and attend.  I'm very, VERY glad I did, it was a lovely wedding.  


The nephew!

My sweet Bro and his lovely better half.

The happy couple.  

Now, this weekend...IT IS ON!

Afton and Nick are tying the knot HERE in Tulsa.  In fact they are on a plane as I type this.  She has planned the entire affair from LA and has done an amazing job.  We are hosting the rehearsal dinner at our house and I'm no fool, it is totally Olive Garden delivery!  
The countdown is on and I'm so very excited.

As usual, I'm also still painting but seem to be hitting some roadblocks but I think after the wedding my mind will settle down and I can concentrate on some stuff.  So far this is what I've accomplished, and it's still in the watercolor area that I've playing in.


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