Friday, June 08, 2018

Art Shows, Art Shows

Last night was the opening reception of our joint art show, Linda, Gil and I.
We prepped, we hung paintings, we prepared food and we invited everyone we know.  I know I sent out at least 500-600 invites on Facebook.
Six o'clock rolled around and finally people drifted in.  I was anxious but excited about it all. 
It was exhausting and fun to host this event.  I was a bit sad we only had less than 30 people show up with all the invites we sent out but that's okay, BECAUSE..... 

At the same time while we were in Jenks there was another show going on in downtown Tulsa.  I had entered in a show called MORE Color at the Dennis R Neill Equality Center.  It was a juried show, which means that you enter and they will be juried whether they are worthy to be in the show and then they will be judged.  Well, GUESS WHAT....I left the show in Jenks, heading home when my Messenger dinged and I checked to see another friend was letting me know that I TOOK FIRST PLACE in the show.  OMG!!!!!  I detoured and headed downtown as their event was an hour longer than ours.  I really needed to see for myself that I had won.  THIS is a big deal folks.  THIS really gets my name out there in the area, in this art world in Tulsa.  As much as I was let down from the attendance at our opening I was lifted way up to receive this first place award.  

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