Thursday, May 17, 2018


I have been awake since 4 a.m.   There wasn't much problem going to sleep last night or sleeping through the night, but I had to go to the bathroom at 4 and once the mind is sort of in the conscious state, there is no shutting it down again.  So, I'm awake.  The reasons this time are because of yesterday.  Yesterday we were violated.  

The day started with waking up with Snicklefritz and her momma getting up.  They spent the night because her hubby had the creeping crud, BAD, and they did not want to be exposed.  It was a fun and sad evening because B's best friend from high school and (as we claim) third daughter came by to cry on everyone's shoulder.  She had just finalized her divorce sadly and needed lots of shoulders.  Anyway, I digress.  We all got up yesterday morning, got ready for work and school and were all out the door by 7:39 a.m.  Alarm set.  

I went to the office to deal with a few things and then planned on the studio to do some serious painting.  9:39 a.m. as I was getting out of the car at the studio my cell rang, it was The Hubby.  He asked if I was at home.  Nope.  Well, the alarm company called him and the house alarm was going off and it said motion and front door.  He was in Skiatook on a job site, 20 minutes away, could I go and check out.  I said sure and he said he would have alarm company dispatch the police.  I was 5 minutes away so back into the car and I was off.  

In my gut I knew something was not right.  As I was driving the 5 minutes there The Hubby called again and instructed me that if the front door was open DON'T GO IN till the police got there.  Scaredy bumps!  

I pulled into my driveway and there the glass door was propped open, the front door wide open and the alarm was beeping.  I called 911!

The Hubby called back and said because I had not renewed our alarm certificate they would NOT dispatch the police.  Really.  Well good thing I had already called the police who did not have a response anyway.  The police told me to stay in my car and wanted to know what I was driving.  

I sat in my hot car and waited and waited while The Hubby called again and B from the office because she knew something was up and she was scared.  The Hubby called again.  He was trying to micromanage the situation from 20 minutes away and I told him I AM HANDLING IT!  

As I was sitting there watching my open front door my mind was worried about sweet Clayton.  Was he okay, had he mind raced...  After 10 minutes I called 911 yet again and they said they were on their way.  I waited.

Finally, two officers arrived and walked up to me asking what was going on.  I told them the alarm had gone off, the front door was wide open and I didn't know if anyone was still in the house and that I had a little dog in there.  Their demeanor changed dramatically as they both put their hands on the top of their gun holsters and started inside.  At the front door they yelled, "POLICE" and I think they drew their guns but I really don't remember.  IT WAS SO SURREAL.  As they entered the front  hallway the alarm started going off again as they went through my violated house.  It seemed like an eternity that they were in there.  Finally, they came to the door and motioned me to come in.  As I approached the front step they were coming out and in front of them was a sleepy Clayton.  My heart!  The alarm was still wa-wa-wa-wa...He wanted to know if I could stop it and then it stopped.  I had disarmed from my phone but I think The Hubby had the alarm company to shut it down.  

Our front door facing was smashed all over the front entry.  My door wreath on the floor with pieces of wood and the strike plate from the door handle.  The house was clear and he needed me to see if anything was stolen.  The first thing I noticed was The Hubby's laptop on his desk, still there and as I went around the house absolutely nothing had been taken.  I'm not sure if that's a good thing.  Now we wonder if they plan on coming back after they had a look because on the alarm pad it shows they were in the bedroom, the kitchen/living room and hall.  THAT is a scary thought.  Luckily my laptop was with me as I take it to the studio with me everyday.  While the police were there I went around to check all the doors to make sure none were unlocked, like a getaway or possible get back in.  As I was walking the police around and they were asking questions is when I kind of started the breathing heavy and shaking.  It kind of hit me we had been VIOLATED! 

The police left, and as I looked down the street I saw two more police cars.  Hmmm.  The Hubby called and said there would be a guy there to look at the door.  Thank goodness we are in construction.  Sure enough Mike came and started to repair our front door.  The Hubby arrived and went around to check stuff too.  I think we were very lucky to only have the front door damaged and our well being.  

The drama was not over because I posted on the app Next Door and then I saw that a neighbor posted for another neighbor that they had been hit too.  It was down the street!!!!  That is why the police cars were there too.  Their house the burglars picked up a big rock from their front garden and smashed it through a window in the front and went in and stole computers and jewelry.  OMG, we were so lucky and the guy was too as he came home as they were still in his house.  He had gone to get gas, a mere 20 minutes and did NOT set the alarm.  They were able to go about their business without the fear of cops.  SCARY SCARY SCARY !!!  

One thing is that I met a new neighbor and all of the neighbors were out an mingling about it all.  I am bound and determined to have a Saturday get together so we can all meet, SOON!  

It's scary but life must go on.  Hopefully they catch the guys.  With neighbor cameras they do have descriptions of two black guys in a white car.  

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