Saturday, May 05, 2018

Saturday, What To Do

I've been trying to work on yet another portrait but was getting truly frustrated so thought I would step away from the portrait and try this, a friends cabin.

Sketch/painting it in at the studio. 

So far so good.  Had to let it dry for a few days so I can add the iris's that should be the main part of the painting.  If it turns out well, I may enter it in some shows OR give it to Ed and Maggie, the owners of this cabin. 

This weekend while The Hubby is away in California for a flashlight convention (it's a thing, really) I have Snicklefritz for the night.  Kiddo didn't want her usual PB&J (with cookie butter) but opted for grilled cheese, peas and blueberries.  We eat pretty good around here.  She's such a pleasure to have around.  We stayed up past her bedtime to watch Zootopia (I had not seen that movie and loved it) and this morning she's up early, ready for the day.  I have a ton of stuff to do but not sure what I want to do first.  I HAVE TO, NEED TO go to Daddy's and pay his bills.  I need to get the rest of the art stuff out of the house and to the studio so I can transform BACK, my home art room to a guest bedroom.  That is my goal by November! 
So today, this beautiful spring day, gosh, not sure what I will do.  I have a HUGE yearning to paint and that may override the HAVE TO thing.  I have peonies blooming in the backyard and they are calling me.

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