Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Opportunities and More Inspiration

Life has a way of opening doors and as of late the doors in front of me are open wide.  Opportunities!  I wrote of inspiration last time and I'm still finding it everywhere I look.  It's amazing to step out in the backyard and see the beauty that is spring.  I love, LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year when there is so much green and pink and yellow and white.....

Our little gated lake retreat has all these sweet cabins that have all kinds of flowers and wood and beauty that I want to capture too.   
"Maggie's Home"

Plus bringing inside some of the beauty.  Actually, these are Mother's Day roses from The Hubby!

My backyard peonies that I started en plein air I think are finished.

Our sweet little great niece, "Gypsy Girl"

Now some of the opportunities that are upon me.  I still have paintings at Post Oak Lodge but Sunday we take them down and ready for June 1 installation at The Hive in Jenks for a month.  I have SOOOoooo much to do to get ready for that show.  There is so much space so I need a lot of paintings.  A problem, a good problem is that three of my paintings have been juried into the MOREcolor 2018 show at the Dennis R Neill Equality Center.  That's good, EXCEPT the reception is the same night as our reception at The Hive.  Soooo, that being said, Please, PLEASE come to our reception at The Hive and then go to the MOREcolor reception.  It will last an hour longer than ours.  Maybe we will be able to go too and see if I get a ribbon!

ALSO, quite by accident B was looking at OVAC's (Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition) website and low and behold, I am the featured artist this month!  WHAT!!!!!  Check it out:  www.ovac-ok.org 

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