Thursday, May 31, 2018

A New Me

I made the decision about 2 years ago to let my hair go gray or silver if you like.  I love it, absolutely love it and The Hubby likes it too.  Then this spring I decided to go short.  
It was okay but I just did not want to futz around with it and this style required me to blow dry it with a round brush and TIME!  

Oh then I decided no round brush and minimal blow dry but the bangs part that is hanging in my face there HAD TO GO!  It was driving me crazy.  
Soooo, back to the guy and I said let's just DO IT!  

At first I was I love it, or maybe I do.  It was definitely short.  But now after a couple of weeks I LOVE IT!  So easy, no blow dryer, no hair spray, oh a little pomade on the crown for the rooster tail, but I LOVE IT!  On top of that The Hubby likes it and he loves my silver.  SCORE!  I really thought I would let it grow back out this fall but you know what, I may not. 

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