Tuesday, March 06, 2018


Sunday night I was in bed about 8 o'clock watching the Oscar's when The Hubby came in and asked if I saw the obituaries.  I guess I had just skimmed over them and missed that our accountant, our dear friend passed away.  He was only 48 years old, but I knew he had been having some health issues, never thinking  he would die.  He was so very young and had three beautiful little girls, of which I had painted them in a portrait recently.  We are all just devastated by this loss in our lives.  He was a friend more than an accountant.  

When we married 42 years ago we were using our family accountant who saw us, my parents and grandparents through many years of financial help.  After about 20 years being our accountant he retired and sold his business to another company and we were handed off to our friend, Cuong.  I am loyal and was not too sure of the new guy but after nearly 20 years later I couldn't have happier with the change.  It's just a strange feeling to know that we can't pick up the phone to ask him a question and RELY on his financial advice anymore.  There is the weird feeling too that I don't know if I can trust anyone else again, especially this late in the game in our lives.  PLUS, it's a bad time as I had taken him our taxes to be done a couple of weeks ago, AND THEY ARE STILL IN HIS OFFICE!  Ummmm, not sure how to deal with that, except his practice is very large and I know we will get another accountant assigned to us but not one we fully trust to know how we operate or know US.  I figured I would give it a week then call the office and see what will happen with it all.  

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