Saturday, March 31, 2018


Good EARLY morning everyone.  I hope everyone has a HOPPY EASTER tomorrow.  We're having the usual 20 or so family to eat.  I love having everyone here but the lead up to getting the house clean and dealing with The Hubby fussing over weird little details can drive me a bit bonkers but it's okay.

A lot is going on in my world to the point of being a bit overwhelming.  Don't forget that our little art show is going on at Post Oak Lodge.  After it is over then we will be at The Hive in Jenks for the month of June, then TCC Metro campus for a month.  WHEW!  I really NEED to paint some more.

Had a little visitor in our backyard the other day in between rain storms.  Isn't she beautiful.  Kiddo #1 said because of the notch off the top of her left ear she has probably been captured, spayed and re-released.  That makes sense because our old neighbors who moved (sad face) used to do just that.  This little girl I think is feral but I could be wrong.  I would like to tame her maybe.   

This past week I was in charge of getting Snicklefritz to and from school everyday.  Her mommy was in Chicago at a TESOL conference (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and encompasses what used to be called TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).  Her daddy would drop her off on his way to our work between 6:30 and 7 every morning and I would feed the munchkin and then take her to school.  Then it was to the office to do a bit of work then to the studio.  Two days I spent at the office most of the day to catch up on work.  (This double duty stuff is kind of kicking my butt!) 
Yesterday I gave her a new book and we read it before school.  Then she started looking at it and asking questions and sharing with Clayton.  He loves her so much and is always so excited when she comes. 

Speaking of the studio, good news.  I may have sold "Red", the nude portrait, hopefully.  I also painted this little beauty, a 5x5 for the Tulsa Artists' Coalition fundraiser they do every year.  It's not going to make it in the actual show though because I've already sold it to the lady who might buy "Red."  That's okay, I've already picked up another canvas and will paint another for the fundraiser. 

I also started another portrait.  It's BIG, 30x40, the biggest I've done except for the 4'x6' Sunset for Saint Francis Hospital a few years ago. 
I love, love, LOVE this photo and wanted to try my hand at it.  The portrait workshop guy Kevin B. gave us the photo and he said that he has struggled to get it just right so I knew it would be a challenge for me but I think I worked it out...well, no, now that I look at it I think the tilt of the head is still not right...more work. 

Happy Easter my friends

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