Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Traveling We Will Go

Last week I traveled, we traveled, Linda and I, to Rogers, Arkansas for yet another art workshop.  We signed up months ago with the Northwest Arkansas Artist Guild for a Kevin Beilfuss workshop.   This was a portrait workshop, kind of out of my field in a way but I was up for the challenge and knowledge to flow.
Backseat driver - her hubby was our driver

Kevin is the nicest guy and so willing to share his knowledge.  PLUS, he is incredibly talented. 
He showed us first, then.....

it was our turn.  Our model for the day. 

This was wiped off a few times...
but I think I captured her eventually. 

Day 2 and it was the full body experience. 

Kevin explaining how to capture a gesture of the hand.  My day 2 ended up with a blank canvas because I was having a really off day.  

Day 3, our final day I opted to try my hand on a photo I already had of our great niece.  

Day 3... 
So far so good.

Kevin did give us several photos that I plan on using eventually.  I'm working on one right now in the studio.  I may even have this one sold already!!!

As usual the artist brings some of his/her stuff for purchase.  I chose these two to add to my art collection and am in LOVE with them.  

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