Monday, December 04, 2017

Monday Ramble

Good morning and welcome to a Monday Ramble. 

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas around these here parts.  I've had the urge to paint something Christmas'y so I bought the ornaments and a nutcracker for the studio to attempt.  Linda has two DARLING Santa's in our front window FOR SALE!  I want to get in on the holiday action...LOL...
Here are some photos of my part of the the new studio, my space.   
I also have a separate room that is my storeroom. 

This is our front room and it looks a lot different than this photo.  James, Linda's hubby has put those metal grids all over and we've started hanging our paintings.  It is AWESOME looking.  See the plant in the front area...that is a lemon tree...welcome to -


Had to snap another photo of myself.  The last few somehow I scrunch my head back and make the double chin THERE!  I can't stand that.   

This is my latest painting, a commission for our accountant.  It's his girls and today he is coming by to look at it and purchase, IF he likes it.  I think it turned out good but really don't want to be known for portraits.  I don't enjoy doing them as much and I struggle getting them right.  There's a lot of pressure to get them perfect. 

This weekend The Hubby and I skeedaddled off to cabin land for a little R&R.  Work, our other work has been a bit stressful for him.  We have work and LOTS of it, which is good but it's the other kind of stress now.  There's not an in-between for him, he's either stressed when we don't have work or he's stressed when we do have work.  The difference is he's a bit happier when we do have work.  Just wish he would stay in the middle with the stress.  Anyway, the weekend was pretty quiet as no one was there really and that's kind of nice.  I really got nothing accomplished except sleep and laying around.  We did get an invite for dinner next door at Jimbo and Harri's but Harri was not there.  She has a seasonal part time job so it was just Jimbo and he cooked for us a pot roast, mashed potatoes, and a cake for dessert.  It was YUMMY!  He retired nearly a year ago and has taken up cooking, especially baking and he's pretty good at it.  I would LOVE it if The Hubby would start cooking.  After nearly 42 years of planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning it up I'm just about done.  Lately, I've been purchasing pizza, prepared casserole's or just serving a meat and veggie.  I'm so OVER cooking and all that goes with it.  Honestly I'm kind of done with food in general.  I just want to be fed something to make the stomach stop growling and not worry about what it is at this point.  I've got too much on my mind, painting and I don't want anything else in the brain to distract that.  

Oh, I ramble.  Back to the weekend.  Sunday morning when we got up and turned on our phones, and remember the reception at the cabin is spotty or non-existent, (we have a booster that is better at getting text messages) The Hubby had a phone message from where his mother lives, her retirement place that she had twisted her ankle and was being taken by ambulance to the hospital.  OH MAN, did he panic.  He called them and their computers were not working so no info on whether she was home or still at the hospital, so he called the hospital and found out she was still in the ER.  He had in his mind that she was there all night long.  Found out later it was only about 3 hours.  BUT, the problem was he was the only one that was called of the three boys and it wasn't by her.  She didn't want to bother anyone.  The Hubby had called the brothers which knew nothing and one lives down the street and could have even taken her.  Oh that woman, she didn't want to interfere with anyone's lives, or to be a burden but we would have been there in a flash.  As it turned out the brother-in-law was the one to go pick her up from the hospital to take her home.  They asked her why didn't she call and who did she think was going to take her home.  She said she thought her retirement place would have gotten her.  Oh, sweet mother-in-law, we would have been there for you in a flash, just call.  Of course most of this info was found out as we were driving back from the cabin at 90 miles an hour.  I had to tell The Hubby to back off, that it was not life threatening and he needed to CALM DOWN!  I've been through this scenario many times with Daddy, that all would be okay.  Life with a 90 year old...

And to top all of this off, this week, we have a bank function tonight, Tuesday an art luncheon and meet with another client that is purchasing a painting, and Thursday night we are hosting The Hubby's dance crew at out house for a dinner party.  I told The Hubby I wouldn't mind but had a casserole on my mind.  He wanted something more so I'm serving beef tenderloin, either roasted or mashed potatoes, either roasted asparagus with red peppers or green beans and bread and a tres leches cake (purchased).  THEN, after I had the menu planned he informs that one of the ladies is a vegetarian, maybe we should change the menu.  No, we are not changing the menu.  I'm also having a killer appetizer plate of olives, cheeses, crackers and assorted fruits and nuts.  Of course the house is still a mess from setting up the Christmas tree and I haven't even finished setting up around the house my santa's and decoration stuff.  On top of this I have payroll on Friday and Snicklefritz is spending the night Friday and Saturday night and she is attending a luncheon with me on Saturday.  I am so going to need Sunday to rest.  And yes, somewhere in the middle of this I have to go into the office which means usually about 7 in the mornings to get my work done.  

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