Saturday, December 09, 2017

Dinner Party Success

THIS has been the busiest week with various parties, events, tasks...I'm looking forward to this next week where only one thing is planned on Friday.  

We hosted a huge, well not huge, dinner party on Thursday night for 17.
I gathered my best dishes, ones I rarely use to set a festive feel. 
I served cheese, crackers, fruit and lovely wine for appetizers. 
And the main course was perfectly cooked beef tenderloin with roasted asparagus with red pepper, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes with jalapeno salt and garlic bread.
Desserts were purchased things like tres leche cake, various cookies and dark chocolate candies.  The party was wonderful and the cleanup was easy, because The Hubby was in charge of that since I cooked, for his friends.  It was quite awesome to be in bed with my feet up and hear him clanking dishes and it was a great partnership to make that happen.  

I have to tell you I was a bit apprehensive that not all would go as planned because let me tell you that cut of meat, two of them, was costly.  I read and reread Barefoot Contesa's method of cooking, which I've done before, to do it perfectly.  As I planned the menu I realized that I was basically roasting every aspect of the menu.  Luckily I have two ovens but really that wasn't even necessary but it helped.  I put the tenderloins in the oven at 500 degrees to cook EXACTLY 25 minutes and rested 15 minutes.  While resting I put the potatoes and asparagus in at 400 degree (maybe 425) but the potatoes did take a few minutes longer.  The bread in the other oven for 10 minutes.  The potatoes I did leave in a bit longer which was perfect because it took time to slice two whole tenderloins.  I also made a horseradish sour cream sauce to go with the beef too.  Everything was perfect and the only leftover was a small serving of the regular potatoes and about half of the tenderloin.  There would actually not have been the leftover tenderloin except Fresh Market had only whole ones and I only needed 1-1/2 but leftovers are fantastic!  

It was actually so much fun I would like to do another one, my legs and feet though, they may have a different opinion.  

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